Monday, October 1, 2012

I heart snow days!

No! its not snowing yet, however in anticipation of the snowy days I went out shopping on saturday. My favourite winter buy so far has to be my 'i heart snow' pj! they are so soft (no, not like a baby's bum but more like cashmere..I should check if they are infact cashmere!), anyway, they are so soft they make it so difficult to wake up.
I do Love me some snow days :)

speaking of waking up: I have a 9am class, may sound like its late but due to my student sleeping patterns, turns out its not late enough. Its been a tough 2 weeks as I have already mentioned before, I have been having 6 hour classes on calculus and statistics. Most of the things we were being taught i had either forgoten or have never even heard of! there have been some sessions when I struggled to comprehend what was being taught and Id beat myself up for it (I mean who doesnt like going to class and knowing whats on the board, huh?), however, today was a different day, while I was wallowing in my lack of comprehension, i had a brief but worth it chat with one of my class mates who wisely asked me 'why are you studying your Masters?, with disbelief I looked at him, 'huh?' he continued. I couldnt believe that in this day in age someone could be asking me such a question or maybe he thought I didnt deserve to be here. he quickly jumped in to give an answer before my seemingly pissed off answer, ' you are here to learn new things, arent you? things you didnt know before you came here. so why are you so mad at yourself for not knowing these things?' wow! at that moment I realized, this is exactly what I needed to hear! My classmate was heavenly sent! :)

'You are here to learn new things!' these words have been echoed over and over again in my head since and I must say, im ready for this new challenge Iv set for myself and hopefully my classmate will be there to smack some sense into me once in a while. yes! he just tied a blackberry to himself and he doesnt even know it yet! hahahha (evil laugh!) What a great way to start the week!!

Last week was not short of greatness either, how could it, Im in Brighton! I spent most of my weekend relaxing and getting to know more people. On Friday I met up with some of the Chevening scholars ( APPLY!) who are awesome, trust me, the stereotype holds! Shopping Saturday! woooohoooo! *no! it was a one time an Economist and very tight pocketed :) *
Anyway, I spent my day looking for warm stuff; the pjs, jackets, thermal wear and boots. after the very exhausting day, we took it to the beach with my girl Chichi and had an AMAZING burger, it was unbelievable how tasty it was, given what a tiny place it came out of... it filled us with so much happiness and fat that we couldnt imagine doing anything more fun than sleep afterwards and thats exactly how my saturday ended. Again, a perfect ending and or begining to the Sunday that was to be the International Student's welcome recpetion; a chance to mingle with other international students, make more friends, and celebrate Botswana's independence in style!It was a beautiful night with beautiful people at the beautiful Brighton dome.
lovin it!

A perfect ending to this blog is a public proclamation of how I miss you all, through all this fun and GREATNESS, I find myself wishing you could actually share these moments with me.

Till I write and till you read again,


yep! the beach was packed!

Im jealous of Chichi's view

Always great having a live band


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