Sunday, December 30, 2012

so much to do, so little time

some people have a mind so powerful that they can think of  a million things at once. they want nothing less than the best, they go out and work tirelessly at it and then when they finally get it there is only a short moment of celebration if any because, remember, there are still a million-1 things left to accomplish.

its very difficult to cruise through life, I keep trying and Iv decided Im really bad at cruising, i need a plan! what are your ambitions and as someone once asked, what is this idea of success that people will do anything for? what are your dreams? sometimes its really hard to put all of these into paper or atleast align them in my head.

i used to have a friend who was so clear headed he had his whole life mapped out. he had clear goals of what he wanted to achieve by the time we were 18, 25, 30 etc. Being friends to such a person made me feel like a slacker and of-course I had to jump on that saddle too. I made plans, set goals for the following years and the last one at that time (when I was 18) was : to be an economist, thats it. ha! funny how life works out. 

when you are a student I find it easy to set goals and achieve them but after that what comes next, i mean when you have achieved all your wildest goals, where do you go? when you get your dream job at 21, what`s your life after that to be? yeah the world is so big and there are endless opportunities out there but how many people do you know who will give up a comfortable setting for an adventure, walking blind into the unknown? but then again, who want`s life without an adventure? Forget forever, tomorrow is not promised to you and your loved ones so how do I choose what to do first? `you have set yourself a base, no amount of falling can lead you to be below your base..`again, some people are just gifted with words and sometimes they confuse me even more. ahh..Growing up!

anyway, I was watching this movie called Finding Forrester and they say over and over again in it that a writer just writes and doesnt think. i have taken the liberty to just write what comes to my head without necessarily thinking if it gels or not. these are my thoughts at this particular moment. make what you will out of them, at-least I can now concentrate on the studying Im suppose to do without these thoughts distracting me.

until I write and you read,


a flashback from my first year working :)