Thursday, September 27, 2012

Rain, rain, go away, come again another...NEVER!

Seriously though, rain go away and come again another year because grown up me wants to study!
I dont think this is a feeling special to me; when ever it rains I wana grab a cup of hot chocolate/ soup or anything warm, cuddle up by a fire and day dream or just sleep. I have found myself having a wrestling match with this said emotion and yearning and I must say, so far its 1 all, but I bet you, I and studying will win this one. :)
its been a confusing week, one of sunshine and rain and ofcourse my poor poor body got really confused and in the end lost to a cold. a terrible one I must add, however, thanx to a concoction of things I cant even beging to explain to you I am well and almost good to run a marathon (not that I have any intentions of doing so.) I just had to write about this one thing that has been bugging me since I arrived. i know im not 15 but OMG, the amount of fabric allowed on one's body here is definitely a lot smaller than i personally can deal with. No judgement, people have a right to wear and do whatever they deem fit. I was just taken a little by surprise thats all- I guess this is the culture shock that everyone warned me about. I thought after several years of travelling, I thought I was pretty much culture shock resistant. oh well!
my very own flu pharmacy

So back to the rain. Everyone looks so depressed and are forced to cover up when it rains and the minute the sun come out, then BANG! them legs come out! its so funny how fast it happens, i mean, I was in the bank for like 2 minutes and when i came out the sun was out and i saw girls already on them shorts. It must be nice to have those kind of reflexes :)

In other news, im sitting by my window enjoying a great view and nice weather while also doing my home work. Its been crazy, 6 hours a day of Calculus and statistics! I still cant believe that im back in the classroom and thats why its still fun to be integrating and differentiating :).
yes! the view

Till i write and till you read again,



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