Tuesday, October 9, 2012

All work and no play makes Bogolo a dull gal

I find myself feeling guilty quite often, for I am that human being who likes to enjoy herself, the one who LOVES free time to watch movies, chat with friends and walk around. yes! some may say lazy, but I'd dare them to say it to my face. I am not lazy, I am just practical! Too much work and no play would make me a very dull girl.
I have heard over and over again that my life should be in the library, i have seen or heard people talking about how they study more than 8hours a day...really? more than 8 hours a day not doing homework but reading? there must be something wrong with me since I cant focus for that long. Come on! does this make me a really bad postgrad student? my unwillingness to spend loads of hours at the library especially in my first 3 weeks in Uni? I have to admit, I know my lifestyle will have to change in a few weeks but even then, trust me, I will find that time to unwind and have fun. Im surprised by people who are surprised by my need to watch something or just lie on my bed and do nothing. How do you unwind? how do you ensure you dont go MAD? im curious, I know people are not the same and so Id like to know. Iv been told/read numerous times that in life you need to learn to work smart not hard; time management is key. the brain needs rest, we spend all day running up and down, trying to understand graphs & equations and then we force it to understand more things from journals etc. Psychologists say that once you force your brain to work when its not fresh, it stores data in the short term memory only which isn't beneficial in the long term when you need that information. I understand that an average person can concentrate for apx 30 minutes beyond which, we are just pushing it and wasting time. So a word of advce from me, TAKE THAT BREAK!
ok, I might have been trying to justify why my life is the way it is :) , however, it is proven that my recipe works. haha! there I go again, why do I need to justify if what im doing is what i know is right, plus who will benefit or...no, just benefit from this in the end, me! so, I took this weekend and did what I enjoy the best, hang out. Since I had no classes on Friday, I spent thursday night watching movies of all kind (mostly chick flicks; they know how to destress this girl very well.) honestly, I could tell you what I watched if i could remember, see I watch a movie to give my brain down time. I do remember watching Greys Anatomy, just to show you how far back I went; I got to hear one of the quotes that Ashley put up on facebook (yeah you tv junkie!) 'When you're little, night time is scary because there are monsters under the bed. When you get older the monsters are different. Self doubt, loneliness, regret. And though you may be older and wiser, you still find yourself scared of the dark.' I think its season 5, but I could be wrong, again, I watched a lot of random things.
Best 'not thinking' food
I took some time on Friday to look at my work, some texts and that night, it was on! haha. yeah, the Economics postgrad students had a pub crawl, we enjoyed a couple of drinks and i ended it with a couple of friends at 'Honey' a club known for playing some african music. It was good fun and I got to make some new friends. Its always nice to see your classmates out of class and you can talk about random things, get to know just how good crazy they are.
As Isha says it 'Econo-mixing'
 The rest of the weekend was filled with some nice walks around campus and dinner with a friend's parents. The parents made a big feast, we ate so much especially the other guy who cant cook on his own, poor guy, he was starving! ahaha, yeah, you know yourself.This had to be my most chilled weekend I have had since being in the UK and I loved it. I know i should cherish it as I know the worst is near. the plague of assignments,papers, presentations and exams will be here sooner than we want it. Im more than positive that when the time comes we will be ready, no matter our style of reading/studying, we will be ready! *que cheer!*
Anyway, since I didnt do anything exciting this weekend maybe I should take you on a tour of my flat. hmm, maybe next week. Ok, let me share with you my studying songs of the previous week, maybe you will find that they work for you too wherever you are. I have a feeling I should tell you about the real reason Im here- I should probably tell you how the classes are going and all...in due time. All I can say for now is taht its finally nice to have some theory and things making sense.
Till I write and till you read again.
Music videos- My past week studying playlist. No watching of videos except during breaks! :)
Ashanti and Kells- Thats how we do
Chris Breezy- Don't judge me
Beyonce- I am tour! yes, tour! Pay attention to the horn in 'Crazy in love'

More pix
good awareness campaign, wish they could have this at home
hmm, over-head at the club

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