Monday, September 24, 2012

Strolling down the Bright city, Brighton

Its not often that while you are seated, busy at work that you realize just how blessed you are. one week in the University of Sussex, im in an Analytical methods for Economics class and for a second i had an out of body experience....where was I sitting and what was I doing? The dots were all starting to come together.

3 years ago I completed my Bachelors in Economics and I set my self a life plan: work 3 years, go abroad thereafter to do my Masters and well...the rest is for me to know and reveal later :)
Its been 3 years since that moment, I have marched on to make my dreams come true, during that period I had several rejections, some opportunities in paths that I didnt have interests in exploring (particularly as I thought they would derail me from THE MASTER PLAN!), I kept my eyes on the ball.

what a city at night!
Its been an amazing journey and how awesome is it that today I am a Chevening scholar ( Anyway, enough with the emotional stuff. Here is my story in the University of Sussex, week one!

On  Sunday 16th September I arrived in the UK, recieved a warm welcome from the University and found myself a very cosy flat which I share with other students. The best part about the flat is my room, it has one of the best views of the university (atleast I think so) and I have to walk up about a 100 (yes, one HUNDRED stairs) every time I go to my room, if i dont get awesome legs from this Id be very pissed :)
the view from my room...its more beautiful live

I spent my first day with a South African World Bank Scholar, who I'd met at the airport, running around buying stuff for the room most importantly bedding. On the same day I attended the Welcome party by the students union which I have to admit (through all the fatigue and going there by myself) was 'rad'! (Im actually not sure if thats how its written or if I used it properly but I could have sworn I heard almost all teh freshers using that expression! haha).

fireworks after the welcome reception

The following days were filled by more house stuff shopping, food, ID collection, inductions and more welcome receptions. The most notable welcome reception by far is the one by the School of Business Management and Economics; we were served some wine, beer etc while we chatted away and met some new and interesting people. from that night alone I made what I hope will be solid relationships. I have already met 3 Chevening scholars in Sussex, I think there is about 10 of us and I should have met all of them by the end of this week.
We also started class on Thursday and for a week we will be doing 6 hours a day of Maths before starting other courses.

In between all the first week madness I found time to take several strolls down in Brighton; enjoyed the sound of the ocean, played for 2mins at the pier, walked through the old Brighton town 'Lanes' and bassically just goofed around. Week one down, many more to go! so far so good, lets see what Sussex has in store for me, il keep you posted. In the mean time, enjoy some pics (PS: taken with my blackberry!).

one of the top tourist attractions in Brighton: The Pier
The Royal pavilion
Yes! real people I have met :p



  1. My Blackberry does not take photos this beautiful - I obviously need to upgrade. This sounds so exciting and Brighton looks RAD! BTW I wore my zebras jersey in Lusaka and almost got killed... Not sure what the reaction would be in Brighton :)

    1. hahahah! u need an upgrade. no one knew what I was rockin so no assasination attempts there. :)