Tuesday, July 2, 2013

26 on the 26th

I wonder if 26 years, 1 month and 7 days ago at noon on a  Tuesday my parents knew the kind of person they had just brought into this world. As devout christians, they decided to name their 3rd daughter Bogolo jwa Modimo ( the greatness of God!) And ofcourse that was such a long name and it had to be cut short to Bogolo. There is a setswana saying 'Ina lebe seromo' which means the name bestowed upon one defines their life, and what a grand name I have been given!

This past year has been incredible for me, I know I write and say  this a lot but what good is being blessed when you can't share it with people you love and the world? Iv had my dreams come true and beyond, plans unfold to unbelievable levels; I am in the UK doing my masters and last year I got an opportunity to work with a team on capturing the lives of some phenomenal women, women who now have become close to my heart and well, a whole lot happened which would really take the whole year to write out.

 My 26th year began high paced: I was invited to Debeers diamond centre in London where I got to see and hold some of the world's rarest diamond (which I'll own some day :P ), I attended an FCO reception as a Chevening scholar where I got introduced to some important people who later invited me to their offices for tea and stuff. I got to see the insides of Parliament not open for public tours where I was hosted by the speaker of the house of commons for the ACU centenary celebrations. The special room where we were I swear had whispers of greatness and I was humbled to be in such a 'history museum'; I mean, when in such old buildings I think of how many people have been there, their dresses of the periods, crazy! In the same week I was invited by the Lord Speaker of the house of Lords for some chit chat (more on this on another post) :). My birthday was unfortunately during exams but some few special people made my day extra special by joining me for dinner, my flat mates threw me a bbq party and I was also later treated to an amazing (celebratory) lunch in London.

If the beginning of my 26th reflects the rest of the year then I'm super excited and I can only hope that more years be as good to me as this first month. I'd like to thank those who wished me happy bday despite my absence on facebook!! Your calls, emails, watsapp messages, BBms, gifts etc. I am lucky to have you guys. A quick shout out to the one person who believed in giving greeting cards for every occasion: Laydie my beloved sister, your birthday card was missed this year!

 Some words I heard Dr Chiepe say to my mother have stuck with me not because it boosted my ego but because it came from such a genuine place and a giant. Whenever there's a cast of doubt in my mind I remind myself of these words she said:  ' you have an incredible daughter, she is such a blessing to this world'. Since I like sharing, remember that you too are a blessing to this world so do something majestic to show it!

Till I write and you read!

A tout

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