Sunday, March 3, 2013

Supersonic Speed

Where has the year gone? I cant believe its March already and I havent posted anything this year. This year started at massive speed, maybe its because we started the year with exams and that alone made it feel less of a new year; a new day, yesterday's commitments. What makes it such an awesome, new year of fresh beginings, a new lease on life, etc? Do your commitments change when we transition between the 31st of December into the 1st of January? Do you no longer need to pay your bills, wake up and go to your job (whether you like it or not?) Does the world economy suddenly boom because its a new year? I am no perssimist but the whole notion of over excitement over the new year has always gone way past my head except for that im thankful to see another digit added to my life and to grow old, some havent been as fortunate. I dont think I need to wait for the 31st for me to make a change in my life, take charge and change direction of this ship im steering. Everyday is new and everyday may be a new year if your mentality is fresh. Iv just come to terms with that if I have to wait for the 31st to make resolutions, commitments to myself then maybe I dont really want to make it happen. I mean think about it, you make a resolution to go to the gym and ofcourse on the 3rd you are on it but come March, your foot prints  can barely be found at the gym; you then say to yourself..'ahh, il try again next year' and this is only because you dont really want to make that resolution!
My resolution-less year started jam packed as I said! I live in the UK (which I am thankful for) and work (including community service) in Botswana; right after exams I flew to Botswana to launch one of my favorite projects, a documentary 'Molaya Kgosi HerStory'. A documentary featuring the founding mothers of my beloved country Botswana;  sponsored by US Embassy in Botswana, the Dept of Women's affairs, Gaborone Sun and President Hotel. The documentary once 'perfected' will be distributed to secondary schools in Botswana and some additional screenings will be done across the country and the world. See pics below. I also got a chance to visit my family; every child living abroad's dream! :)
On a more social note, I had a reunion with some of my French girls; Marie Line and Sarah who once upon a time lived in Botswana. The last time I saw them was in 2010 in Paris. It was magical meeting them in London and feeling for them as I did when we saw each other almost every day in 2009. Some friendship just know how to stand the test of time and Im happy these one stand the test of silence. Though this was completely silly, I loved it when another friend called me Ban Ki Moon the SG of international friendships; I have friends everywhere and from everywhere whom I love and cherish. I know I dont say this often, I thank you for making me the individual I am today! :) and I particularly L.O.V.E the ones who will come visit!! 

I have also been pleasantly surprised by how many Batswana live abroad particularly in the UK. For a country with a population of 2million, its done a great job of producing adventurous, globe trotin beings! Well done Bots! :)
As always, enjoy the pix below.
Till I write and you read,
Dr Chiepe, Prof Mogwe, Ms Sefhako

Rre, Mma & lil Kenewendo

my lil one, always happy to see aunty ;*

view from my parent's garden

Frenchies in London!
workin my skills :)
Batswana in London!


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