Sunday, November 11, 2012

pecadilly line!

Its a beautiful day in Brighton today! its nice, bright and sunny! I had such an awesome time walking through the downs and discovering a beautiful spot for sun bathing and more.

I have finally made it to London! I got to meet Sophie a friend from Pitzer College I hadnt seen in 5 years, we had such a nice time celebrating Bon fire night for FREE instead of the 6 quid recommended, hahah! I obviously went all touristy as weel! :) Here is my mini guide to London in 2 days:

  • My number ONE pick has to be the Borough market. This is a wonderful place tucked just towards the end of  the London Bridge just adjacent the london brigde station. at this market you can find FOOOOOOODDDDD! food of all kinds, we wouldnt make up our minds on what to eat, what to buy and what not to! everything was so tempting from cheese blocks to chocolate delicasies, we hit a diamond mine and we wanted all of it! I actually dont think we took any pictures, we were so preoccupied. anyway, you can find it at

  • everything else comes second. We did the touristy stuff with a twist! we named our weekend in London "Walk London". I think its pretty self explanatory. We walked around Londont o see all monuments, I think the longest we had was for about 6hours where we saw. We visited the Tower bridge, Camden Market (another crazy all sorts market), Buckingham palace (and other near by palaces) , westminster, the parliament, St Paul's, London eye (and its graffitti), oxford street (and its beautiful Georgian style buildings) and well...London! I mean the city is a living museum. Amazing! Pictures below tell a story and are a great guide. You'l notice that Mafe did a good job of taking pics which is why, possibly for the first time I am in them.

  • There are lots of nice pubs around London. Drop into any and a good time is promised...depending on your company ofcourse and I was in good company :)


Till I write and you read,


Drinkin chanpagne may cause delirious happiness!

Shaka Zulu in Camden market

Fireworks :)

One of King Henry VIII's palaces

The Brighton Marina

sometimes, all u want is a lil African food..courtesy of Chichi


Felt like Mary Poppins

Getin creative with Sophie's fam

'Big Ben'

it was freezing and Windy!! wt Mafe
Camden Market

crowd outside Buckingham Palace..Its not worth it people!!

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